Macon County Honor Guard Donation

The Mt Zion Odd Fellows Lodge #300 is proud to recognize the Macon County Honor Guard for their years of service and support to our Veterans.  The Lodge welcomed the Macon County Honor Guard Commander Charles Loury, Sr. Vice Commander Ron Sloan, Jr. Vice Commander Les Elam and Member Maria Karmatzis to our meeting on February 4th, 2019.  The Lodge wanted to recognize and honor the important and honorable work done by the Macon County Honor Guard.   The Macon County Honor Guard provides services to military families and over 130 funerals annually, as well as various community engagement events such as speaking to students and working special events.  The Macon County Honor Guard is comprised of volunteer members and they are able to do what they do based on donations made to them.  Those donations assist them with transportation, uniforms, equipment and other expenses.  Lodge members individually thanked the Honor Guard for their service to our country and to our veterans.  In recognition of their dedication and long and honorable service, the lodge presented a donation of $1,000 from our lodge to the Macon County Honor Guard.